The workshop “La Transición energética, una oportunidad para la recuperación económica” organised by Red Mentes of Energy Modelling for Sustainable Energy Transition (project RED2018-102794-T) open to the public, is held on May 25 in Alcalá de Henares with a session for the presentation of papers on energy transition modelling methodologies.

Info In: Jornada de la Red MENTES – Red MENTES

Economic Analyst – General Equilibrium Modeller

We are looking for an Economic Analyst with a solid background in economics, in particular in the area of fiscal policy and/or pension analysis and experience in general equilibrium modelling.  Specific experience with overlapping generation modelling and pension policy as well as a good command of programming languages (such as Python) are particularly welcome.

Deadline: 14/03/2022, 23h59 (Brussels time)

Position reference: 2022-SVQ-B2-FGIV-020008