The Hispanic-American Input-Output Society (SHAIO) was formally established in 2007, with the aim of contributing to the promotion and dissemination of research into input-output analysis and other scientific and economic-related issues, as well as to encourage scientific projects for the development and application of these techniques in economic analysis. To achieve these goals, SHAIO develops, among others, the following activities:

  • Promotion of projects between partners with the objective of spreading economic input-output analysis and related scientific and economic issues.
  • Organization of scientific meetings.
  • Publication of a journal and other scientific papers regarding input-output analysis and related topics.
  • Maintaining a website as an official channel of expression and communication for the association and its members.

The Association was born from the interactions of a group of researchers from different countries, called the Input-Output Group (IOG), founded in 2003. Given the need to undertake new challenges, several members of the group promoted the transformation of the group into this association.

SHAIO today includes more than 100 researchers, from different countries, and welcomes all researchers, regardless of their origin.